Sunday, June 20, 2010

Typical Saturday

I couldn't pick just one.

The boys LOVE the bike carrier. So much so they even eagerly run into the house to look for their helmets so they can put them on to go for a ride.

They giggle every time they hit a bump. And they shout at daddy to "Keep it on the road" every time they transition from the sidewalk to the road. And they shout "Whee!!"as the bike picks up speed going down the big hills.

It seems like most of the time they do things to drive one another crazy like stealing each others toys. But sometimes, sometimes they do something so unbelievably sweet it just melts my heart. Like Ryan asking for a second piece of cantaloupe not for himself but for Connor because he wanted to make sure Connor got a piece, too.

And those mischievous little grins. Mostly when they are up to no good.

And the random things we find in the most unexpected places. I missed the exhibit of the terra cotta warriors when they visited. This guy however is a permanent resident at a new Chinese buffet we tried for lunch. A buffet which the boys quite thoroughly enjoyed.

And my project. I picked up the parts while the boys napped and then with a drill, screwdriver, measuring tape, studfinder, and level got to work installing some additional hanging space in our utility room. Much needed space. And while it isn't the Mona Lisa, I am pretty darn proud of my 6ft of new hanging space.

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