Monday, September 13, 2010

Why I take pictures

I am such a goober sometimes. I was sitting here today and couldn't for the life of me remember what I did on Sunday. It might have something to do with that constantly reliving that totally embarrassing conference call over and over in my head where I rattled on at 110 MPH. I have no idea what came over me. My mind however just keeps it on repeat so I have this constant urge to just put a giant L on my head (LOSER) and am having a bit of a hard getting it to switch tracks and do something useful. Like remember Sunday. It is also embarrassingly focused on the deputy constable who showed up at my door (I thought he was the UPS man) because of a 911 hang up call. The only plausible explanation I could come up with is that is what happened when I was trying to call in to the ill fated conference call and I didn't have a dial-tone and couldn't for the life of me figure out why. And OMG, seeing my house through someone else's eyes has given me all new motivation for cleaning all this crap up. Tomorrow. When I have more energy. Uh, huh...

I did persuade it to cough up Saturday. Saturday I drove to Winnie for 2nd Monday. It was a complete and total bust. With the exception of the food. It's nothing like Canton. The food on the other hand was delicious. There were all kinds of cajun dishes I would have had to try had I stayed more than just an hour. Like the crawfish etouffe that was calling my name. I seriously debated asking them for a sample taste like I did with clam chowder in San Francisco. And the shrimp and crawfish pistolettes that I had no idea what were. But I just couldn't pass up the sugar glazed pork kabobs. They were YUMMY.

So I pretty much drove there, looked for an hour (did I mention it was HOT?), grabbed my pork kabob and then turned around and drove back. As I came into town I decided to make a stop at IKEA where as usual I spent far longer than I intended. Then I caught up with the boys at the Little Gym party. Afterwards we were invited to dinner by one of Ryan's friends' parents. For some reason I can't explain in the least Connor went bezerk and just wouldn't sit down. But overall it was a nice dinner (thanks in great part to the prepared mom for bringing a gazillion train toys and cars for the kids to play with) and I am glad we got to know the other kids' parents a little better.

Sunday? Yeah. Still a total blank. Though I recall Kevin left on Sunday (mostly because he's still gone and the kids made a giant mess at breakfast which I lamented over having to clean up). So it really cracked me up when I opened my trunk to put groceries in and noticed the remnants of the Sunday I couldn't remember. I do now vaguely recall that I went shopping at the dollar store and might have bought a thing or two. Uh, huh.

This is why I take pictures. To remember.
I also found this on the camera when I was downloading the pictures from Sunday.

Apparently I have a bit of a plaid fettish. And I do vaguely recall a trip to Target Sunday evening though I couldn't for the life of me tell you what I was looking for. And I have the urge to explain that the shoes run small. Because I usually wear an 8, not a 9. And yes, I NEEDED more flip flops. That's my story and I am sticking to it.

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