Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Another Super Spud

My husband has the memory of an elephant. Except when it comes to food orders. There have been dozens of examples over the years including what I have come to call the Super Spud incident. I couldn't even tell you what I actually ordered - a fiesta spud maybe? But I ended up with a super spud. It was nothing at all like what I had requested be ordered other than the fact that it was indeed a potato, but that was where the similarities ended.

Tonight I can add another item to the super spud list. I came home and promptly went to bed with a fever. I sent Kevin to the store for Cran Raspberry juice later in the evening. When I woke up he brought me a glass. It was sweet. Much sweeter than my normal Cran Raspberry. I asked him what it was and he insisted it was exactly what I asked for. I knew it wasn't, but was too tired to go look.

And sure enough, come morning I discovered that had gotten Cran Cherry instead. I polished off the bottle and sent him back to the store for more. He came home with a little of Cran Everything. I am guessing he once again forgot which one I wanted and got one of each just in case...

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