Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Making Lemonade

It's a good thing that I went to bed not long after the boys last night. I went to bed with a sore throat and was just downright exhausted - sure signs of some sort of cooties about to rear their ugly head. I had thought a long nights sleep would do me some good. Unfortunately my husband set his alarm clock for sometime shortly after 5am - long before the crack of dawn and managed to wake me up as he banged around in the bathroom.

I tried in vain to go back to sleep for almost 45 minutes before finally giving up and getting up. If I were up before the sun at least some good could come out of it. I took the opportunity to make a batch of Cranberry Orange muffins. I pulled them out of the oven about the time we heard the boys starting to stir upstairs. So the boys and I sat down and enjoyed a nice hot leisurely breakfast.

It would be the calm before the storm as I ended up at the dealer service department with my new car, again, only to be told once again after nothing more than a cursory glance at the computer screen that there was nothing wrong with my car. The power of computers is amazing, as is the lack with which the people who sit behind them to think for themselves sometimes. There is apparently nothing but button pushing monkeys employed at the service department. Long gone are the people who listened, and used their own two hands stained with oil and grease under their nails, who thought for themselves.

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