Thursday, March 11, 2010

Alligator Tamer

The Alligator Tamer

Meet Alli. Alli was buried in the bottom of an Easter plush bin at Sams. What Alligators and Easter have to do with one another is beyond me, but as soon as I saw Alli I knew I had to have her. I mean the boys had to have her. Yeah that's it. So I plopped her up over the edge of the cart like she was trying to escape and eye level with the 3ft tall set and wheeled her all over the store terrorizing the unsuspecting victims along the way.

And if I am ever lost in the jungle this is the child I want to take with me. The one that jumped on top of the alligator and wrestled it until it stopped fighting back then grabbed hold of it's tail and hauled it away like a sack of potatoes. Not the one that walked right by a 5ft long alligator and never even noticed it was there. And then we he did ran screaming for his life and hid behind his father.

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