Monday, March 8, 2010

The Enforcer

The Enforcer

We took the boys to a new park this morning. Of course the boys had to explore the death defying "Oh no, not that one!" monster play equipment. While all the other sane children hit the equivalent of the bunny slopes the boys tacked the death defying double black diamond kind of stuff. Not that either Kevin or I thought to take our camera. Then again when we left the house the only destination we had in mind was a nearby McDonalds.

Then one thing led to another. Connor spotted a squirrel. And became obsessed. And followed/chased/stalked the poor thing all over the place until the squirrel finally with a paranoid look back over his shoulder disappeared into the posted no trespassing forest much to Connor's dismay. Before too long we found a dirt path that disappeared into the forest as well. So we took it. It meandered alongside a creek and was what looked to be a well traveled off road bike path. The boys trekked along exploring as eager as we were to find out where it went.

After a late lunch we put the boys down for a nap with plans to go back to the park later and explore some of the off-shoots we had seen that morning when they woke up. Apparently between McDonalds, and the park we had worn them out as they slept for almost 4 hours making it far too late into the day to head back. So we took a walk around our neighborhood instead.

Ryan was being a turkey and flat out refused to come closer to us or head the way we had decided to go. So as I told him for the umpteenth time to "Come this way" and he steadfastly refused Connor took it upon himself to get Ryan moving again, and in the right direction.

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