Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Treat

A warm weather treat.

We got home a little early tonight - before the sun had set. The weather was just beautiful. And the boys? They were driving me nuts. They were horrible at pick up. I threatened to leave them laying in the middle of the parking lot. They didn't do much better when we got home. Connor darted into the street again. I debated leaving him to the cars or the wild pack of dogs that surely roam the neighborhood late at night looking for little boys who ran from their mothers and have been left outside.

Then I took a deep breath. Or 10. And reminded myself that despite the fact they look like grown up little boys that they are just 2. And this is what 2 year olds do. And I felt the sun on my face. And the light breeze blowing in my hair. And I decided that we should take advantage of the good weather and run off some of that excess energy or sugar or whatever was turning my little angels (cough, cough) into devlish little monsters. So we broke out the cars and I stood at the end of the street in the sun directing toddler traffic like an air traffic controller.

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