Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"Unable to locate account"

"Unable to locate account"

Those are not words you want to hear about your bank account, but yet that is what was printed big, bold, and red across the the top of the returned check. Thankfully I had the night before checked the account online and was fairly certain it still existed and more importantly that the money was still there. Luckily a trip to to the bank sorted out the issue - and explained the mysterious box of checks which had arrived in the mail unprompted by us. It was a change in the account number format. Though the old checks should have still worked.

Before I left the bank I withdrew some money for the coke machine and to pay my lotto debts. I used to pick up rolls of quarters, but the bank no longer carries them. So I asked for dollars instead. As the cashier handed over two bundles of money I looked at them in surprise. They looked like the haul of a bank robber or maybe my life savings. I couldn't help but smile as I stuffed them down inside a paper sack.

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