Sunday, October 3, 2010

Road Trip

We made a road trip to Sweetberry Farm this weekend.


I loved the hay maze. It was in the shape of Texas. Inside there were 12 landmarks for you to find. At each one there was a special hole punch for you to punch your ticket with. If you got all 12 you got a free drink upon exit. We managed to find them all. Though not without coming back out to get another peak at the map to see where the couple we were missing were hiding.

We also rode the hayride to "Scarecrow Island. There were 15 or so scarecrow vignettes to see along the way. I thought they were super cute.

And of course there were pumpkins.

We took a ton of pictures. Not that the kids cooperated and looked at the camera and you know smiled or anything...

We had a blast. We will definitely be going back again someday.

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