Saturday, October 9, 2010


It was a quiet and relaxed day today. I cooked my favorite french toast. We all sat down at the table together and enjoyed it. We walked to the park. We went to the grand opening of Toys R Us to see Veggietales. The boys met Bob the Tomatoe and Larry the Cucumber.

And then we had lunch at Sweet Tomatoes where I discovered that I get a bit panicky and cranky without meat on my plate.
We finally made our way back home and napped the afternoon away. Then the boys and I played outside and took another stroll around the block while Kevin washed the bugs off our cars. I grilled some steaks and steamed some veggies for dinner. I got a little heavy handed with the rub. And filled the kitchen with smoke. Thank goodness there is no smoke detector in the kitchen. Because as it turns out blackened brown sugar produces prolific amounts of smoke on the grill...

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