Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ryan's Day on the Farm.

This is Ryan. He's a ham. I secretly call him Fabio sometimes.

Moody? I like it! Give me more!

That's it! Nice. Keep it up!

Oh, yeah. There's the smile. I am glad you can laugh at my antics.

Because I do them for the sole purpose of your amusment.

Yeah, I hope no one else saw that, too.

While Ryan can enjoy a good slide like the next kid, his true love is cars.

He's got car radar. Like a heat seeking missile.

I found this on Kevin's memory card. He loves yellow busses. Other people driving his bus? Not so much it would seem.

Out of the blue he reached out and petted the donkey at the barn. Apparently animals are okay if they are behind a fence. And he's on the other side.

He was too busy running up and down the aisles to give much thought to pictures. We finally did get him to sit for a picture or two.

He had to have the pumpkin just right before he could sit for a picture. It had to be upside down, not sideways. The stem pointing all the way down. Otherwise he kept trying to roll it to get it just right. And you better be quick. Because you had your second then he was off again.

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