Monday, February 22, 2010


Day 52 - Gah.

I knew this day would come. And quite honestly I am a bit surprised that it took this long. This is the light fixture in our entry way. Our 24ft tall entry way. And yes - those are burned out light bulbs. Just about every day this past week when I have walked in the door and turned the light on I have heard the little tell-tale popping sound following by that tiny little flash of light just before it get just a bit dimmer... With only 3 light bulbs remaining out of the original 9 I decided that we had better haul out the giant a-frame ladder and change out the bulbs before I walked in one day and flipped the switch and there was simply no more light.

After grunting and groaning more than Monica Seles Kevin managed to get the ladder out of the garage. I helped him carry it into the house and get it set up then sent him up to the top to straddle precariously while installing spare bulbs. I knew I kept him around for a reason.

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