Sunday, February 7, 2010


Day 38 - Show me the money!

As you no doubt already know it was Superbowl Sunday. While I wasn't particularly vested in either team I was sitting down pen at the ready to watch the game just before kick-off. I didn't have to wait long for what I was waiting for, though I did have to cheer awful hard to make it turn out right. Colts - 3, Saints - zip. Cha-ching. Cha-ching!

Last year one of the guys I work with and one of his friends ran a superbowl square system. It's a $25/square buy in which is kinda steep, but I loved the rules - lots of chances to win especially if it's a high scoring game. And win I did. The final pot - $1400. They set it up again this year so of course I had to play again. This year I got a square for me. And one for Kevin, too. Mine paid off the first score of the game -$50. I came within a minute of making that $200 (end of quarter pay-out). And Kevin came within feet (missed field goal) of cashing in himself.

When it was all said and done assuming I can count correctly it payed out 21 winners. It kept me entertained and made the game much more fun.

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