Saturday, February 6, 2010


Day 36? - Redirection

It was a rough, rough day. My dog "blew-out her knee." I have no idea what happened - she was just in the backyard and when I went to check on her she couldn't walk on one leg. She will need to have surgery to repair it. It was such a crazy day and I was so wiped out that by the time I got the kids down I could barely keep my eyes open. I called it a night without taking a single picture.

To make up for it I rolled up the roller coaster of emotions and anxiety and poured them into making treat bags Saturday night. I decided to add a box of candy hearts, and two mini raisin boxes to the mug, pencil, and variety of chocolate hearts that I had already picked up. I stayed up until well into the wee hours of the night finishing them up. I think they turned out nice, and I am glad it is one less thing off my ever growing to do list.

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