Thursday, February 25, 2010

Camera Hog

Day 55: Smiling for the Camera

Yes, it's Ryan, again. Connor the poor red-headed step-child has been a bit camera shy of late. He's too busy running such that by the time our slow cameras manage to finally get around to taking a picture all that is left is an empty spot where he once was, or a miscellaneous body part captured as he fled. Or the back of his head. Or a semi face view with him looking anywhere but at the camera. Or he's two inches from the front of the lens and we get flash blinded pictures looking up his nose. None of which are particularly flattering. Ryan on the other hand smiles for the camera and has even been known to pose. What a ham.

Though you can't see it he is actually sitting backwards IN his turtle. The seat is up, and the spot where his precious cargo typically rides instead holds his feet. And the handle bars have become a seat of sorts. He sat there precariously balanced for several minutes watching the Olympics with me.

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