Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Day 32 - Storytime

It was a big day for the boys. Today was Connor's 1st day in the big kid class. He was so excited when we put his bag on the hook and took his coat off. He finally got to stay. I didn't realize how badly he wanted to be in the new class until that moment. He was so excited.

When I picked the boys up typical of our 1st day luck Connor had an incident report. Apparently during his first ever trip to the potty he fell into the toilet hitting his cheek on the seat on his way down. Poor kiddo.

The boys also got new bags just like all the other big kids. They are nice backpacks. On the way out of the building I had been carrying Ryan and then put him down to walk. He hadn't quite gotten his balance when I let go and with the weight of the bag tipped backwards off the curb and landed on his rear end out in the drive way. He looked stunned like he had no idea how it happened.

When we got home they were both excited to carry their bags into the house. Just before dinner I read the boys a couple of books and before heading into the kitchen I helped Connor into the reading chair with a book. A minute later Ryan scrambled up with his bus and sat down beside Connor listening as Connor "read" the book aloud. They were so cute sitting there together.

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