Monday, April 5, 2010

10 for $10

He's been priced by the checker at Kroger. 10 for $10. Quantities limited, better hurry in. I am fairly certain I am required by law to disclose any known issues - fair trade practices and all. So I suppose we should start with: itchy spreading rash, cranky disposition, known to screech at such a high pitch that glass would crack and the neighbors in Alaska can hear him on a good day. Red Chief has nothing on him. And did I mention a prognosis of strep throat despite a negative strep test?

He broke out with the rash Saturday evening. No fever, just a rash. It started on one side of his face and neck then spread overnight and throughout the day on Sunday to encompass most of his face and a 2 inch wide 360 degree swath around his neck. I called the nurses line. We did everything but take him to a foreign country (new food (umm.. more food allergies??), new skincare product, in the 80 degree heat for 5 hours (heat rash?), traipsing through the woods (poison ivy, poison oak anyone??), and my all time favorite - encouraged him to play in a stream (toxic chemicals from the plant of your choice?)) so we really helped narrow down possible causes.

Trust me on this one - don't google rashes. Especially not poison ivy rash photos. Seriously. Don't do it.

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