Thursday, August 12, 2010


I spent the evening googling, searching, clicking, checking, and "excelling" right into data overload. I have been looking for Hawaiian cruises. 30 day cruises including Tahiti, 15 day round-trips, 12 day one-ways, and 7 days just around the islands. Flights for all the above. Direct flights, and hotels. You name it and I have looked at it.

Of course my favorite (semi-realistic) one is the 30 day that includes Hawaii and Tahiti/French Polynesia with an ocean view which is a STEAL at $3400/person. It is reminiscent of a 28 day whirlwind tour I did with an alumni travel group covering 11 European countries with my mom back in 2003. Only without the constant hotel check-ins and outs and lugging 28 days worth of stuff around from place to place.

Alas, just like in 2003 my husband refuses to be gone for 30 days, and my Grandmother wants to tag along, but for 2 weeks, not 4. Party poopers.

So with all their constraints, and complaints in mind I have narrowed it down to 2 options. And I was surprised to learn that it comes out including airfare and taxes, and more taxes to < $1400 per person. SOLD! Quick! Click it! :)

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