Thursday, August 12, 2010

Double Wow

We took a wrong turn looking for a park after dinner tonight and passed by this tree in someone's front yard. It's hard to grasp the scale of it from the picture, but it is probably about 10 feet tall.

I wanted a picture, but I didn't think we had a camera so we went on to the park and stayed until we were chased out by dusk and the mosquitoes. Turns out there was an older camera in the car so we made a quick stop before heading home. Unfortunately, by that time it was rapidly approaching pitch black so needless to say from 20 feet away relying on the flash from the tiny point and shoot it didn't come out well. Luckily, thanks to the miracles of Photoshop's raw editor I was able to salvage it enough for you to see it. :)

And through the miracle of Google I even found a video on the history and actual carving of tree. How cool is that??

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