Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hollywood Studios: Honey, I Lost the Kids.

We spent the better part of Day 3 at Hollywood Studios where we caught the Drew Carey Show, Indiana Jones, lunch at Mama Melrose's, the Muppets, pictures with Lightening and Mater, and half a dozen other things. Though the thing I will remember until my dying day is that I spent 15 of the most terrifying moments of my life in Honey, I Shrunk the kids. Only it should be more aptly named "Honey, I lost the kids."

Despite knowing there is only one way in, and one way out it is still terrifying to watch your two year olds dive in opposite directions and disappear into itty bitty tunnels that go who knows where. I dove in after one and promptly lost him as I attempted to crawl as he ran through the warren of tunnels shrieking and giggling at the pursuit as he went. I eventually caught up with him and dragged him back out to his father with strict instructions not to let him out of his sight, before spending the next 10 minutes waiting and watching for sight of a 3ft tall blond head in the mass of kids darting here and there. I finally caught sight of him across on the far side climbing some stairs that disappeared past the mushrooms into another series of tunnels. I dove in after him and came up with a shoe full of laughing giggling child who was having the time of his life completely oblivious to my near panic at not having caught sight of him during all that time.

We chased them around the tunnels for a while before finally corralling the two of them in the toddler area with one of us stationed on each side watching them run, crawl and frolic in the tunnels, ramps, stairways, and slides. It was by far their favorite playground ever.

They were so tuckered out after their hour of play that they passed out in the stroller as we wandered around the park before heading off to the Magic Kingdom for dinner, the Main Street Electrical Parade, and Wishes Fireworks Display.

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