Saturday, December 11, 2010

Off to a bad start...

Or the end of a really lousy day.

It's hard to know where it started, or what came first.
  • Connor shut Ryan's finger and thumb in the bathroom door. It was bad. REALLY bad.
  • I booked our flight through Expedia. It wasn't direct. But it only had an hour layover. Our flight was "rescheduled." Which really mean canceled and put on another plane. With more than a 4hour layover. And we had no recourse. The plane wasn't scheduled to arrive until midnight. I will NEVER use Expedia again.
  • I slept on the flight for the first time ever in my life. I was that exhausted. I couldn't even force myself to sleep on any of the over seas flights I have taken when I WANTED to.
  • We checked our luggage at our resort. This is what awaited us at the baggage claim.

Umm, yeah. No bags. They were in West Palm Beach Florida for which the airline had no explanation given we had just gotten off a plane from Charlotte, North Carolina.

And given the whole bag thing when we got to the inter-terminal train it was after 12:30am. Of course it was. It just seemed appropriate given everything else.

Walking distances were quoted on the signs. 3600 feet. At 1am. With a stroller and 7 bags (thanks to US Airways for having lost our bags - at least it was 2 less bags we had to tote 3600 feet).

When we finally got to our terminal we took the elevator to our parking level. Only it didn't look right. The car wasn't where it was supposed to be. We guessed another color and walked another 1/2 a mile. It looked even less familiar. I left Kevin, the kids, and the bags and backtracked back to the terminal to find the right elevator, and the car, and then pick them up.

This was what the clock read when we got home. Though from the timezone we came from it was 3am. What a day...

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