Monday, December 20, 2010

The Ugly Truth - By the Light of Day

This is (albeit the worst of) what my Nutcrackers looked like before I took a scrub brush to them. Though don't think for a moment that it actually cured them, just made them less noticeably molded... I could have cried. Apparently my (overzealous) husband decided that the (gasp) dirt needed to come off the nutcrackers last year, so he hosed them off before putting them into garbage bags to sit in the garage for almost a year. No, really, I can't possible see any flaws in this plan, can you??

What the mold didn't destroy, the heat didn't help in the way of popped off buttons, missing mustaches, and some overly zealous cleaned right off eyebrows. Sigh. They will probably have to be tossed. Or at the least put away to be repainted some day. Though on a positive note - if I have to repaint them I might even get industrious enough to make a few (dozen) more.

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