Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A change

My grandfather's health took a turn for the worse and he was moved to Hospice House this past weekend.

He came out to visit in April of this year. It was his first trip out here since before the boys (now 2 and 1/2) were born. His Alzheimers had been getting progressively worse preventing them from traveling. While he was here he was in great spirits and though a little off balance from time to time was in great shape for someone who was 88. Before the trip he still visited the gym 3 times a week doing cardio and weights. In early May after they returned home my grandfather caught some kind of bug and ended up with pneumonia. It would turn out to be the first in a series of health issues that would land him in the hospital over the coming months. In June he suffered from what we now know was a stroke where he lost mobility in his right side. He had all the classic signs of a stroke, but the various tests showed no evidence of a stroke. I went out and spent a week without the kids visiting with him and the rest of my family. And then over the coming weeks would go back out again first with Ryan, and then with Connor after his second stroke left him paralyzed a couple of weeks ago. Though it was tough to see him like that I am thankful that we got to spend a little more time with him and the delight on his face at seeing us was apparent.

With the latest turn of events I have debated whether or not we should go back out. I finally made up my mind today and booked flights for us to go.

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