Thursday, July 29, 2010

Under Control

My mom actually managed to snap a picture of the travelling circus as we came out of the airport.

Through past traveling experience I actually have a system down pat where I can manage it all by myself. Security of course is always an adventure first because of the narrow aisles to be navigated, and then because absolutely everything must go through the belt including the kids shoes, toys, and the stroller without them in it. Bathroom pit stops are another fun challenge due to the cramped quarters and narrow entry ways often involving hair pin turns and other passengers who fail to realize that the travelling circus is coming and thus comprehend that whichever way we are going is by necessity now a one way street. We also often find that the bathrooms won't accomodate the double stroller much less the luggage that you are frequently extorted to remember not to let out of our your sight.

At least on this trip both the security personnel and airline staff were patient, friendly, and helpful getting us and our train of belongings through the process and settled on the plane.

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