Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Finger Lickin' Good

Yeah, more domesticity. :) But I just couldn't believe how delicious these turned out. There were some great deals on Pork Ribs this week and I decided to pick some up and give them a try in the pressure cooker. So I seasoned them up.

Then I browned them up in a little oil, and then dropped them into the pressure cooker with a coke and homemade BBQ sauce. 20 minutes later when I forced the steam out of the cooker they were falling off the bones tender. I layed them out on a baking sheet, brushed them with more of the yummy BBQ sauce and broiled them for a few minutes to crisp up the skin.

They came out absolutely gorgeous. And delicious.

So much so that we devoured every single one. And I had to go to the store and get more.

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