Saturday, July 10, 2010

Monkey Bread

I am on a cooking/baking kick of late. Made my favorite pulled pork on Friday. Didn't get a single picture of it. :) I was too excited to get it into the oven and cooking in the morning. And when it was done I started pulling and taste testing before it even hit the counter. So by the time I even thought of a picture it was already picked clean to the bones and shredded onto multiple plates - one for the kids with no extra seasoning, one for me with extra rub and a generous helping of brown sugar, and one for Kevin with extra rub, and some spicy pan drippings.

Today I made monkey bread for 2nd breakfast.

Made it in my favorite heart bundt pan. After eying the pan skeptically I used 2/3rds of what the recipe called for and it still streamed over the edge of the pan onto the bottom of my oven where it burnt like crazy and gave my house a wonderfully awful smell just before the appliance repairman got here.

And the bottom? That's where I started the taste testing, again. :) And it was yummy, but very, very sweet. Connor devoured his and begged for "More candy!!", Ryan ate a few bites made a disgusted look and proclaimed it too sweet. Kevin snuck thirds while I was at the store.

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