Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Common Sense Parenting??

Day 20 - Common Sense Parenting

I am not at all sure common sense factors much into parenting a toddler, much less two toddlers, but I will take all the help I can get. Today was the 1st day of my parenting class for toddlers. I took the same class for all age ranges last fall (before I knew there was a specific toddler class). And there were successes, and let’s call them lessons to be learned from. I thought you guys might appreciate this antedote from the previous class...

Common Sense Parenting Gone Awry...
I recently took a 5 week parenting class called "Common Sense Parenting." I learned some new tips and tricks, and well as got some positive feedback and validation on some of the things we were already doing.

This morning, in practicing some of the lessons learned I was trying to teach Ryan to tell Connor "no hit" when Connor hit him with a toy.

It went something like this….
Me: “Ryan, if Connor hits you what should you do?”
[silence – but he was obviously paying attention and thinking]
Me: “You should tell him “no.” Tell him “no hit.”
Me: “Can we practice that now? Say “no hit.”
Ryan: [whispers quietly] “nooooss hit” (In case my phonetics don’t give you the picture it sounded an awful lot like a bad word).
Me: “What did you say?”
Ryan: [significantly increased volume] “NNNNOOOOOSSSSEHIT”
Me: [stifling laughter] “Good job. But maybe next time we should tell him “no touch okay?”

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