Thursday, January 21, 2010

Morning hijinks - why didn't I take a picture??

It was a rough morning, which just seemed to be a continuation of a rough evening yesterday. Keep in mind it is all relative. There were no earthquakes. Not even major complaints on a toddler scale - no middle of the night wakening or other drama - just mildly uncooperative toddlers doing what they do best. This morning among other things it involved a dash into the street (at the end of a ghostly quiet cul-de-sac). Apparently if one jumped off a bridge the other would too as they both dashed into the street holding hands. One fell down, and I chased the other one down. No sooner did I have him under my arm like a sack of potatoes did the other one realize this could be a fun game. And he took off the other way around the cul-de-sac median keeping us on exactly opposite sides. About that time the neighbors happened out to enjoy the show. I started across the middle. He backtracked. This went on for a good minute or two. He finally headed back towards the car encouraged by the neighbors praise when he inadvertently headed in the right general direction. They were both wrestled into their car seats and off we went towards school with no toys to play with thanks to their morning shenanigans and a mean, mean mother.

On the way into school we were practicing what "STOP!" meant and I looked down to discover that one of the boy's shoes were once again on the wrong feet. As we sat down to fix them in his class the teacher asked him if he had put his shoes on the wrong feet again (Again??) to which I replied that no, daddy had done this. And she said they had had to sort his shoes out on Monday as well (when daddy got them dressed and dropped them off). This was a recurrent problem when they were little - my husband would get it wrong more often than he got it right for a while, but I thought he had finally figured it out... I often joked that I should check my husbands' feet to see if he has his shoes on the right foot. And never once during the walk across the parking lot, down the long hallway, or before we sat down in the class did it ever occur to me to take one single picture...

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  1. now THAT. is a good read. :) i feel your 'pain' sista! lovin your outlook :)


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