Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I saved $49.71

Day 26 - Holy Cow - I saved $49.71

My total grocery bill was 105.75 and I saved a total of $49.71. So if I did the math correctly I saved 32% off my total grocery bill. What is awesome about this for me is that I didn't use any coupons or spend hours figuring out how to save money. I just took advantage of the in store specials. I actually looked at the weekly ad to see what kinds of things my local store was running specials on and planned my meals around what was on sale. So easy, and definitely a big pay-off.

Some interesting facts -
- I bought a total of 50 items.
- 42 of them were on sale.
- 38 of the total items were on my list and amounted to $67.49.
- 12 of them were random things I picked up in the store (candy, chips, can of cinnamon rolls, a pound cake, cokes, and some take and toss tupperware). They totaled $38.26 - only the candy, and cokes were on sale.
- 2 items didn't ring up as expected/advertised - Pears were supposed to be $1/lb rang up $1.79/lb, Tuna should have been $1 rang up $1.59 - for a difference of $3.11.
- I spent $0.78 on a loaf of bread specifically to feed the ducks.

Needless to say I will definitely be paying more attention to at least my local store's weekly flier from now on and thinking twice about what I just pick up because it looks good in the store! :)

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