Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Week 1 - January 1-3, 2010 - In Scrap

I hadn't given much thought to how I would scrap my year of memories other than an off the cuff decision that it would probably be weekly because how would I possibly be able to cram more pictures than that on a page and still be able to see them? :) But is that weekly as in the first 7 days, then the next? Or Monday to Sunday?

To make things easy on myself down the road I decided I would do it the way I think of weeks - Monday to Sunday. Which for those of you still following along means that the first week only consisted of Friday - Sunday. 3 days. Sounds simple enough, except that I had grand plans for these pages in which 3 pictures just didn't work for silly reasons too numerous to mention. So I culled back through my snapshots over those first three days to pick pictures that told the story of those days in more than 3 pictures and not by coincidence also included pictures of both of my children lest I be accused week 1 of favoritism. I am saving that for week 2 at least.

So compliments of a hodgepodge of designers including Colies Corner, Connie Prince, Simply Scraps, Sahlin Studio, and Chrissy W - here is week 1.


  1. Good to see I wasn't the only one who made that decision! Fabulous layout! :)

  2. love it! great choice to go by the way we naturally think in terms of the calendar week.


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