Sunday, January 31, 2010

Going hi-tech

Day 31 - Going hi-tech

I am downright giddy. I LOVE this thing. I practically drooled all over it online. Then on our way back from the car show last week I convinced Kevin to make a detour by our local home improvement store looking for a new wireless keypad for our garage door opener. And by a stroke of fate the garage door openers are in the same section as the doors which reminded me of it. I didn't really think they would have it in stock. But they did. And despite my husbands sticker shock I had to have it anyways. So this afternoon when the boys went down for a nap I ran to the store to pick up a different garage door keypad (don't ask), programmed the garage doors, remove the old keypad, installed the new keypad, and installed 6 new outlet plate covers, and then twiddled my thumbs while I anxiously waited for Kevin to install it. And finally it was done. A new number pad door lock installed on our garage door. Never to be locked out again (well, as long as there is power, and fresh batteries!) Like a kid in a candy store... I love technology!

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