Thursday, January 21, 2010

Terrible Twos and Irony

I didn't get a picture of the shoes on backwards... And because there aren't two of me I didn't get a picture of me hauling both of my children out of school - one under each arm - carrying on like I was murdering them. If this is a preview of the terrible twos they aren't going to make it. ;)

They are typically model children. We can't get out the door until they have put up all the toys they were playing with, and sometimes toys the other children were, or were still trying to play with up. It's really sweet how they want to be such big helpers. Then they run over and put their bags on then come and take my hand, turn around and wave bye-bye to the class before happily trotting along beside me up and down the big steps all the way to the car where they put their bags in the floor board and stand right beside me as I put first one and then the other into the car. Today? Today was nothing like that. There were tantrums, and running away, refusing to hold hands, refusing to walk, and throwing of bags. First of one, then the other.

So now that you know what I didn't get a picture of today, I suppose I should share what I did. Before I went into school for the nightmarish pickup I snapped a quick picture of one of the snowman dotting the landscaping near the front sidewalk. They showed up a few weeks ago along with some snowflakes. They struck me as funny from day 1. Given that it was a balmy 74 when I snapped this pic they just seem so out of place.

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