Sunday, January 17, 2010

Rodeo & Duck, Duck, OWW!!

Day 17 - "Rodeo & Duck, Duck, OWW!"

We got tickets to the rodeo this morning. I can't wait to take the boys. I remember going to the rodeo every year with my mom and my Grandfather. I still remember the black felted hat my grandfather always wore. And how excited I was to go - it was always something I really looked forward to.

I have been promising the boys that we would go feed the ducks one day soon for a while now. So after popping the meatloaf in the oven we grabbed some bread I had been saving just for them and headed to the pond.

The boys are getting better about throwing the bread out for the ducks instead of dropping it at our feet (or ON my bare flip flop clad toes!) while we retreat backwards from the surge of hungry ducks. :) Once in a while though they grab a handful and don't throw it fast enough and one of the aggressive ducks get a little finger snack in addition to a bite of bread. It was Connor's turn today. Poor kiddo. I think it startled him more than anything. But after a minute or two he was right back in the bucket grabbing fistfuls again.

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