Sunday, January 3, 2010

Elf on the shelf

Day 3/365 - "Elf on the shelf"

One of the things I hoped to get out of the 365 challenge was an opportunity to learn more about my digital SLR. It's just so big and unwiedly I don't use it nearly as much as I should and when I do I am often disapointed in the results - they are never quite as crisp as I think they should be and invariably I have the wrong lens for the job. Part of that is that I just don't know enough about the lenses and what they are capable of. So, today I pulled out one of the newer lenses that I don't use very often and took a variety of shots around the house. I still need to read up on focus points because for every okay shot I had just as many the totally wrong object was in focus. But hey - I am learning. And even I get lucky sometimes. :)

I loved the blur of the Christmas lights in the background so I grabbed one of the stuffed elves that I got the kids for Christmas and started snapping. Yes, you heard me right, Christmas lights. And yes they are still up. And still turned on. I know I should be ashamed, but if I had taken them down how would I ever have gotten this shot?? :)


  1. Beautiful pic and awesome blog! I'm glad your lights are still up so you could get it :). Great job.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Whoops, my bad! They need an edit. ;)

    I think this is a great shot!! For some fun, check out this tutorial at!

  4. Thanks Jolene! I have no idea what makes that work, but I will definately have to give that a try! :)


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